Longroof Love

I went to a go kart event at K1 Speed in Torrance thanks to a ticket from ImmoralMinority (that report coming soon). SO naturally I took the new beater wagon to see how she’d do.

I wasn’t worried about her making it down and back since the previous owner basically just long hauled it most of the time. Overall the things that are broken are not critical and the rest is just dirty. I am really really enjoying this car. I am super suprised about how much I like driving it.

I love this car for this reason. I would have never parked my GTO this close to the asshole parked 3 feet from the truck and way over my line, but because this car is so small I could still fit and fully block their door.

Sunday morning I did some decent Svending on the exterior. Clay bar, cutting wax (had to use some boat cutting wax on the hood to get all the fallout off, waxed, and trim detailed. She came out looking fairly good for just 2 hours of work. Do that a few more times with a bit more energy and motivation and everything but the roof because of the clear burn will look pretty damn good. I was going to do the interior more than just a quick surface wipedown, but it was getting hot and I just didn’t want to.

Instead my friend that went down with me and I tried to find out why the radio was not functioning. As far as I read and confirmed with TFritch was that the amp is in the trunk and sometimes water gets in the D piller and wets them.


As you can see that is exactly what happened and we tried cleaning it up and reconnecting it, but the connector on the amp side had 2 broken teeth so it was done for. Thankfully used working ones aren’t too expensive on eBay so that will be fixed eventually. For now I just play music on my phone. Frustratingly these early Bose Symfony stereos use fiber optics soI can’t just use better aftermarket parts because of course not.


Bonus beautiful aluminum bracket for the dash


I really am liking this wagon overall. The MPG is only slightly better than the GTO, but that wasn’t too much a worry for me. At least the tank is a bit bigger so more range. It is by far SO SO SO much more comfortable on the road, but in a wafting sort of way. The seats I find to be less comfortable than the GTO, but that might be because they are more worn out.I am thinking of trying to find some Audi seats that will fit and I can include the seat heating. Not sure though and not on the top of my list of expenditures. I am really suprised about how much space there is inside while honestly being a small car. It is an A6 Avant on the C5 chassis and I feel close to the ground and have plenty of sporty feel and room inside for me, 3-4 friends, and all their crap while still being smaller than a CRV.I will never understand having a minivan over a wagon unless you have more than 2-3 kids (which to me is far too many).

My friends keep calling this the mom mobile, but my friend’s C6 Passat is nicknamed the “Mommy Wagon” so I have to make this the Dad Wagon or something. One of my favorite things is how stealth this wagon is. No one looks at me. I can just drive along with negative attention. I saw a handful of cops and I think they literally could not see the wagon. God I am going to enjoy this machine. Now just to cheaply make all the horrible beige interior black.


This A6 definitely makes me want my dream RS6 C6 Avant because nothing says perfect Dad car like a twin turbo V10 wagon with slight box flares

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