Look at this hood! Not an ICON design, but still pretty slick. There's even a slot for the throttle body to move in.

I’d love to watch that from the driver’s seat, there’s no way it’d get old. I’m not sure I’d go for this exact arrangement but its still a great solution. The VH4XDE motors are real gems; high revving and smooth. If you aren’t dead set on 500+ horsepower (an LS), a VH45DE + an n/a 300ZX transmission will have your 240 running on 8 cylinders for less than $3k if you want to be cheap with the necessary bell housing adapter, pedal box, etc. I really enjoyed daily driving my Y33 Q45 and always wondered what that lovely V8 would be like mated to a manual transmission in a lighter car. Definitely a missed opportunity on Nissan’s part! If there’s a track car/back road bomber build in my future this season, I could definitely get behind a very clean 96-98 240 with this swap... that wouldn’t even involve finding a manual... oh no I like this idea a LOT


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