Look, I'm sorry Mr Mrs Aztec driver. I know that red light with two lanes turns into a single lane after the intersection, I was preoccupied. But my Camry is faster than your POS, so I figured I'd be okay. I didn't launch it off the line, or redline it through the gears, but when you saw me catch second and nose ahead, you floored your slushbox fugly wanna be lifestyle vehicle, and tried to pull ahead. Well I was in the meat of 2nd gear, and easily pulled on you and came out ahead. The fact that you were STILL accelerating when the limit is 35 and I was doing almost 40 at this point shows me you are a blundering thundercunt. So when I signaled and started to move over and you didn't slow down, you deserved it when I jerked the wheel and cut you off. Then brake checked you when you tail gated me. So I didn't feel bad then when I slowed down to EXACTLY 35mph and you rode my bumper. In fact, I didn't care. Don't care about the car getting hit, don't care about being late getting home. But when you decided to PASS me crossing the double yellow, I knew you were mentally handicapped. And probably embarrassed to be driving the horrible excuse for a Pontiac built in the height of GM's plastic fantastic quality is job #87 era, judging by the fact that you had your windows tinted so dark, illegally dark, that I couldn't see your malformed face to see what race or gender you were. Not that I probably could if you were standing right in front of me. So I hope you enjoyed the middle finger I gave you, the "FUCK YOU" I mouthed at you, and your illegal pass and speeding that you continued to do all the way into town. Luckily for you, most of your antics were hidden from my dashcam (until you passed me) and even though I know your licence plate an general area of living, I will do nothing.

Driving a beige Aztec is punishment enough.