Extreamly mint 1992 Toyota Corolla Wagon with the back very cleanly cut off by my professional hands with a harbor freight sawzall.

Headlights painted in JDM style with a can of John Deere Yellow spray paint from O’Reilly’s.

she’s spent the last year at red line 99% of the time weather that be ripping down the strip at bandimere or doing some mean one tire burnouts in the Chic Fila parking lot.

She’ll bounce off limiter for at least 20 seconds before she has a slight miss then she’s right back to it.

If you slam her in reverse, drop the clutch and whip the wheel the left you’ll do some fat doughnuts, even better in the snow.

Right axel makes some serious banging and shakes when you’re driving but she’s still mint.

If you need to beat your boy in a n/a Jetta this is your bitch, she’ll grind out the win no problem at bandimere.

God fuck how could I forget the custom as fuvk exhaust straight through the hood with a fence post pipe to a $20 tip from O’Reilly’s.

Will pass emissions if you connect the old exhaust still under the car but that’s lame as fuck