I bought the little Honda CX today. It’s a neat little car. What I don’t understand is how someone can take good care of the car mechanically, and treat it so horribly. Once I clean it up, it’ll make someone a nice little car. I picked it up for $900, so I hope to make a couple of bucks on it. It’s the first vehicle I’ve ever purchased with the sole intent of not keeping. I have all maintenance records from day 1, and it’s a one owner, 136,000 mile car. The seller had it emission tested (passed) he had it inspected today as well.

Most of the exterior scratches are superficial and will buff out without much effort. Interior will need a bit more elbow grease and potentially a junk yard run or two once I start digging into it a little deeper. It was originally a non-radio equipped car, but has an old Blaupunkt in there now.

My son, of course, already wants to keep it for his. But he’s 7, and I have no intention of hanging on to this more than a month or two, let alone 9 years. It’d probably be the smarter option than letting him drive the Taco parked next to it, but that’s still the current plan. My wife has no comprehension as to why I would even buy this in the first place.