Look What VW Sent Me!

Well, about 2 months I purchased a 2014 GTI Driver's Edition. The Driver's Edition is basically an Autobahn model without the push-button start, KESSY, the aluminum trim, and the Dynaudio sound system. It's only available in a 4 door model. The trim is a unique honeycomb pattern instead of the line pattern, there are aluminum door sills with this trim too. The shift knob is like a golf ball (found on Autobahn), and it's only available with leather seats with power recline. This model is a special edition to commemorate the ending of the production of the Mk6 GTI. VW had used all the leftover parts to produce the car too. This means that we already have the Euro dash cubby and the driver side knee airbag that didn't come with other GTI's.

They sent me a "Driver's Kit". Nice gesture from them. :)


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