Look what you made me do

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Last saturday, I went to get a Safrane. I hadn’t planned to buy that car, but it was cheap, not too far away, and I was bored.


This car was advertised on the Europpo WhatsApp group, so I blame it on Oppo.

It’s a 1993 Safrane V6, auto, and with an impressive amount of features for a car this old: power seats, power steering volume, 4 power windows, 2 zone climate control, heated windscreen, power mirrors that tilt when the car is put in reverse. These features came way later on most European cars.


Sadly, it will be parted out in the next weeks. A fellow Oppo needs some parts from it, I plan on keeping the engine for the 505 (PRV), and the rest will be sold to pay for the car and fuel to go get it, which means: free engine! Yay!

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