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I was walking out to my car last night and this little lady peeked at me from the other side of my truck. She came right over to say hello when I squatted down. After a few minutes getting to know each other, she let me scoop her up and take her inside. Our dogs were quite happy to make a new friend!


I was on the way out, so my wife and daughter canvassed the neighborhood in search of an owner. We finally found her by searching through our local missing animals website. The post had been up less than an hour. Lucky dog.

It was no surprise to discover that Naked Man was involved. For those who don’t know, this guy lives a few doors down and is often involved in stupid happenings in our neighborhood. He’s divorced with a couple of kids. We’ve watched as a parade of women, usually with kids of their own, moved in, then moved out. Often it’s one of the new kids who is causing trouble.


Any time Naked Man is outside, the only clothing he wears is a pair of shorts. No shoes, no shirt. Thus the nickname. I’m disappointed that my neighbor thought of it before I did.

I’ve spoken with Naked Man about his dogs when I returned them. They like to visit my house because I have two dogs of my own. I told him if his dogs don’t stay home, I would deliver them to the shelter. He couldn’t figure out why they kept running away. I know exactly why.


For starters, he has no fence. He figures that a patio chair is good enough shelter to serve as a dog house. I’m not kidding. He told me dogs should learn how to stay out of the street and stay at home on their own. He owns the house at the corner of the entrance to the neighborhood. It’s no wonder his dogs keep disappearing.

After losing several dogs, he bought a rabbit. Then he thought the rabbit needed free time to roam so it could munch grass and poop where he didn’t have to clean it up. It ran away and started living under a neighbor’s bush. He couldn’t catch it. The neighborhood kids couldn’t either.


When his rabbit moved into our back yard and started eating our garden, my son set out a live trap and caught him. We delivered the sweet little bunny to the shelter too. That one was hard, but the shelter said that bunnies rarely stay more than a day or two. We never saw it in the neighborhood again. The hutch disappeared from his yard a few weeks later.

The owner of this pupper is his latest girlfriend. She and her kids were so happy to get the dog back that she tried to force me to take reward money. When I refused, her son literally hugged me. Cute kid. Less hugging, please.


I’m sure the dog got loose when Naked Man let it out or “inadvertently” left the door open. I’m tempted to call up the lady and have a conversation with her about his attitude toward dogs. It doesn’t jibe with hers.

There’s probably no need. I’m sure she’ll figure it out on her own. It makes me wonder how long they will stay.

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