TL;DR: didn't get it.

So I went to look at a cheap c10 today (local craigslist is full of overpriced rust), truck was 950, figured it would be rougher than it looked, but hey, straight 6, runs and drives, can't ask for much more right?


Yeah... Right.

I get there, truck is exactly as it looks in the pictures, OK good start. Starts up with little hesitation, runs, even has a radio! Sweet! Pretty much everything I'm looking for, beat up, cheap, running, check. Problem is if i buy something in the next month, I not only have to drive it back to VA, but I have to tow my car (flat, not dolly) as well. Straight 6 was concerning, but if it had enough grunt I'm OK with taking my time. Except it stalled 3 times within 2 miles, the brakes were... Not comforting. Steering was as expected, horrendous, which was pretty acceptable. No lights though, at all. Best part? Floor pan was replaced with some sheet metal screwed, bondoed, and flex sealed into place, and it was multiple sheets screwed together. Pretty sure it was screwed into more bondo as well.

Still better than this guy:


Owner was pretty cool, has a desoto he is fixing up, still wish the truck was in better shape. I love these old stepside, the 2 minutes I was driving it, felt awesome. I need one of these in my life!

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