Looked at this Sable for LittleGolem

What a horrible car.

  • It smelled like an ashtray, and was just filthy inside.
  • The throttle position sensor is broken so the car just revs up and down while idling.
  • The brakes are frightening, I wasn’t sure which way I was going to go after using them and they clunked a bit after.
  • The suspension was shot so the car wobbled around quite worryingly.
  • There are major rust issues.
  • The “new tires” in the ad refer only to the two front which don’t match the nearly toasted rears.
  • The blower doesn’t come on unless you crank it to max.

Looks ok from here.

Not too bad. Kinda expected.


Kinda worrisome


Passenger rocker split all the way. Yikes!

This was also filthy inside.


On the passenger floor.


Door panel disintegrating


Oh ... why did I look in here?

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