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Looking at a car this afternoon, need advice.

Going to take a look at the Alfa 156 1.8 of a friend of a friend.

From the start, this car looks like a bad idea. But, I see potential for some fun.


it is a 2000 Alfa Romeo 156 1.8t, it has been sitting for 2 months, it has 285.000 km, and supposedly the only thing it needs for the inspection is a wheel bearing.

Best part? he is selling for 400 euros, possibly even less. So, my plan is to fix it up and sell it, possibly break even (with taxes and insurance on top) or if it breaks before that time, partially part it out. (interior, wheels, other parts)


Is a wheel bearing a do able DIY job? is generally similar among cars or is it a very model specific install?

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