Looking at a Miata tomorrow

If I can get this one for a low enough price and it checks out as expected, I’d maybe buy this one as early as Friday. Hoping to lock down a deal on it for between $4-4.3k. He has it listed for $5150 and based on the NADA book value of $4700 is a more realistic starting point. Then the minor interior damage, less than perfect paint (but still good), and deferred maintenance (timing belt way overdue, among other things) is plenty to negotiate with. If he doesn’t come under $4500 I’m walking away so we shall see. It’s Craigslist though so who knows what sort of bullshit I might show up to.. Looking forward to checking it out!

Also, figured out what to do with my old Miata. Auto hobby shop on the base at work has storage for $40 a month with full access to the shop as well. So I'm gonna do that for a few months to tear it down and figure out what to do next. 

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