Looking at summer wheels and tires... What should I do Oppo?

So, the long and the short of this is, I have dedicated winters on my OEM donut-spec 15 inch wheels right now, and for the summer I want to get a set of larger wheels and tires, preferably 17's or 18's. I have a connection through a friend where I can get 18" SSR Type C's that are mint for $1700CAD (says he's flexible on the price, and hasn't listed them for sale yet) with some 235/35/18 tires with 75% tread left. Now, for my car, the sidewall would be too small on those tires and I'd prefer to get 235/40's to match the OEM tire diameter. My thought process is that I can try and bring the price of the wheels down a bit, and then sell the tires that are on there, and buy a new set (which my parents will generously help me with).

I really like the wheels a ton, and I know they're of great quality ($700 each brand new, again, in CAD). But my whole dilemma lies on whether or not its worth the hassle of selling the tires (or, more worryingly, if I'll be able to sell the tires at all.) If I can haggle the set down to $1400-1500, I'm hoping I can sell the tires for 100 a piece, leaving me at 1000 for the wheels, which is where I wanted to be at most in this case. I know if I got the exact wheels I wanted, I wouldn't mind spending a bit more, but ideally I'd still like not going too over budget.

Also, I could keep them for a long time, and if I take good care of them, I could probably sell them for the same price, or, alternatively, use them on my next vehicle (I'm talking about you, BRZ). But, I have my concerns. I wouldn't necessarily regret it, but I'd just want to know I made the right decision. Thoughts?


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