Looking back on a full year of cycling

#humblebrag, but I feel like I kinda get to. I rode my bicycle to work nearly every day for almost a year regardless of conditions. It was fun, difficult, sometimes scary, but kept me sane because I hate driving in the city and contributing to the problem of traffic. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment. My estimates peg my yearly mileage at around 5800 km, or 3600 mi, which is just shy of the driving distance from Halifax to Vancouver.

February was really warm this year so it’s a bit disheartening to get hit with snow and cold weather in March, but c’est la vie. I was kinda hoping to get to take the Daytona out more than just once.


Amazingly I only got two flats during the entire time. I went through 3 sets of brake pads, and will replace my chain with a shiny new one when the weather is finally better. After running some maths I estimate my annual cost including maintenance items and the price of the bike split over 10 years to be just $300.

More here for those interested: http://derailedblog.com/a-full-year-of-cycling

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