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Looking for a minivan/larger SUV in the Bay Area for a field trip

Hello Opponauts.

My adventures in the States continue. Soon I will be going on a road trip from San Francisco down to San Diego and then to see the Grand Canyon.
Teh dates are 13th to 24th of September.


I am still looking for a suitable ride, though.
I have a 2013 Ford Escape rented on Turo but that is a bit too small, I would like to have the option to sleep in the car, hence I am looking for a minivan or a bigger SUV.

Anyone have any ideas where I can get something for cheap

Or if any of you fellow Opponites have a ride you are not using, I would like to rent it from you. I have a valid CA drivers licence, so no worries there.

Thanks a million, here are a few pics of my findings in California to amuse you.


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