A co-worker that I often carpool with took his Escape into the dealership because the vehicle indicated the engine coolant level was low. They did some poking around, and said that the “heater hose” needs replacement. They are saying that it’s not in stock, it’s back-ordered, and won’t be available for a month. As a result, they want to keep his vehicle for that time, until they get the part in stock. As you can understand, he’s not particularly pleased about the situation (including the 2 hours labour at $133/hour, plus $52 for the part and $30 for coolant, plus a few other miscellaneous charges) that they want to charge him to fix it.

My thought was to keep an eye on the coolant level, and keep it topped up, but keep driving it until the part arrives. It’s not like it was gushing fluid, so as long as he keeps a close eye on it, it should be fine.

I’m trying to track down a hose for him, but Rock Auto and any other places I’ve checked don’t seem to have it. They said it was part CV6Z18472AB. Since he’s out of warranty, he’s not too worried about replacing it with a stock Ford part. Any guesses on where else I might be able to track down this part for him?