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Looking for a unicorn

So here’s the scoop. My wife and I are starting a family soon, and I just got a big promotion at work. Right now, my wife and I have been carpooling in her car (2017 Nissan Rogue and before that a Jetta) and saving a lot of money in gas. With my new promotion means i’m gonna have to start driving everyday myself since I may have to stay late/come in early sometimes.

Right now aside from our Rogue, I have my 2010 Toyota Tundra I bought a year ago. It’s a great truck, but it gets horrendous gas mileage. Normal commute I get around 16 MPG. This was the same as my Tahoe that I drove back and forth for a month in, and it got pretty expensive.


So i’m considering my options. The promotion did come with a pay increase, but with starting a family, that goes bye bye because kids are fucking expensive. So i don’t want to spend my extra money on gas. The idea of a cheap commuter crossed my mind, but my hangup with that is I’d want to be cheap, so like <$2k, and then I risk getting something that needs a lot of repairs/maintenance, and I have a truck sitting in my garage that i’m making payments on, that I only drive on the weekends sometimes.

So my other option would be to sell the truck and get something more efficient. But I also want something capable. Here’s where the unicorn comes in. Here’s what I’m trying to find. Something that costs around $10k used. That’s the easy part. I also want something that can tow an occasional trailer, like a light travel trailer or a small piece of equipment such as a Toro Dingo, or anything like that. Also needs to get better gas mileage than my truck. And if possible, I’d like a truck. So far the only thing I’ve found so far that ticks all those boxes is a Honda Ridgeline. Is there anything else that could be a good option i’m forgetting?

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