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I’m moving to a different state in a little over a month and need something to get all of my stuff across the country. I’ll be driving my M2C out first on it’s own, then flying back for a second road trip with the bulk of my stuff.


I’m leaning towards buying a ZR2 and renting a UHaul trailer. I’m wondering if it’s possible to buy a ZR2 in Illinois (my current state) on such late notice and pay my new state’s tax instead by waiting to register it and just drive out on temp plates. Thing is, I don’t have an address or license in my new state yet. I’m guessing it’s dumb and unfeasible to register it in Illinois since I have weeks (soon to be days) left.

I bought my first car out of state and then drove it on temp plates of the state I bought it in before going to a DMV in Illinois to register it and pay the Illinois tax.


Yes, the other option is to rent a UHaul truck, but considering I am planning on getting a ZR2 anyways I’m trying to kill two birds here (and save $1k over the difference between truck and trailer).

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