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Looking For Advice - Live and Let Diecast

Hello Opponauts,

I am looking for some advice - especially from the LALD crowd.

A close friend of mine passed away from cancer nearly a year ago. In his will I was left with his enormous collection of diecast cars. He stated also that if I chose to sell it, that a portion of the proceeds would go to a scholarship fund that his family was to set up after his death.


While having a collection of this magnitude is neat, it is beyond what I have the storage capabilities for! My hope is to hold onto a small percentage of them for myself and my family (like, the ones I remember fondly from our childhood) and then find someone who can enjoy the remainder. Before he passed he estimated that the collection includes somewhere between 12 and 15 thousand cars.

Does someone here have any resources I may be able to take advantage of to perhaps help determine the value of the collection and/or finding a buyer for it? If so, please get in touch with me by email:










In the meantime, Iā€™m hoping to write a short story about them and will take some time here and there to take pictures of some of the cars to give a small showcase of what is here. If anyone at LALD would like to give me permission to post there (at least while this collection is in my possession), I would be happy to share them there!

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