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Looking for book recommendations.

After some time of avoiding reading for pleasure due to huge amounts of text i have to go through for uni, I recently got back into books. Unfortunately, after just a few weeks of burning through my backlog I found myself without anything to read after finishing Mogworld today.

I though about picking up With Fire And Sword by Henryk Sienkiewicz, but I don't think I currently have the resolve to go through a 1000 page book that is actually only the first part of a trilogy (over 4000 pages total). It may be a brilliant book that I have somehow missed so far, but I think I'll wait until I have more free time on my hands to start it.


I was also half expecting to proceed to Croshaw's second book, Jam, after being done with Mogworld, but since I've not really been blown away by the first novel I don't think I'll be ordering the second.

Another series I'm considering is The Witcher Saga. I've read the 2 Witcher books containing short stories multiple times (and loved them), but I've bounced off the 5 tome Saga before and lack the motivation to start over.

Maybe you know a book you could recommend with a clear conscience? I'm looking for something a tad more serious than Mogworld, which was probably as light as novels get, but I don't want anything that will leave me completelly emotionally drained either. I've had a really tough couple of weeks and I don't think there's much left in that particular tank. I'm open towards things that are and aren't car-related, historical, fiction, etc. Pretty much anything really good you can think of I'll consider as long as I'm able to purchase it either locally or from Amazon UK/eBay UK.

Ah, and I hate ebooks with a burning passion, so I don't think I'll be reading Doug's book anytime soon.

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