I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks for cars I don’t need all the time on eCraigTraderBaylist. I can’t really afford any of them at this exact second, but it’s fun to see what I can find.

Recently I’ve started thinking about how, gas mileage be damned, it would be so cool to drive a big classic car every day. Something with presence. Sure, it’d be wallowy and not have all the amenities I’m used to, but I would get to feel so cool.

So Naturally I started checking California Craigslists. I have friends in LA and SF so those were my first two thoughts.
Here’s what I came across for under $3000.

This Rambler is really goofy looking, but seems in really nice shape for the price. Sure it needs the rear brakes reset, but how hard can that be?

It’s a two-door Studebaker wagon with a V8, not tons of rust, and a flame paint job. what’s not to love?


That paint job. Just. That paint job.

This Kaiser seems like a fantastic deal for the money and the sheer amount of stuff that’s been done to it recently. Needs...taillight lenses and a bench seat. Okay. bench seat can come from many things and I’m sure taillights can be sourced without tooooo much trouble.


This thing is LOW. no idea what’s wrong with it. but it has some serious presence.


Replace the driver’s seats, make sure it runs and stops, and then really enjoy.

So what does Oppo think? how bad an idea would it be to do just some mechanical fixes to an old car and then...just drive it?

(for the record, I live in Wisconsin. the bottom of the car would be very well sealed before I even thought of driving it year-round, as they really like their road salt here.)