Looking for classic M-B oppos (I know you're out there!) *High Idle Hell*

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Currently looking at this 1989 420SEL for $3,000 cdn, been talking to the owner, and it suffers from “high idle hell”, which is apparently a common theme among these types of cars. He says it will idle at 2k rpm for a few minutes:

“Starts after couple of pushings of gas pedal and requires to hold it at around 2000 rpm for few minutes as they are fluctuating looks like idle control valve/solenoid”


He also says the RPM is not affected by weather.

Should I just stay the hell away? Haven’t seen the car yet and the owner says that’s the only major issue (also seat belt SRS sensor periodically but I’m not too worried, just want the car to drive ok). It has almost 300,000 km, but I saw it online and the colour has me in a trance!

I might go for a test drive this weekend, and I’ll see where I stand until then, but hopefully anyone can help me with this one thing.


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