I’m entering a video contest, and I want to convey to the people I’m working with what I want, and what I want is dramatic car videos. Top Gear & Grand Tour have a lot of these and they’re great, like this one:

This has the style of shooting that I’m going for. Dramatic lighting, cool shots, tracking shots, great sound. Some racing videogame openers are like this, it doesn’t need to be real life.

It’s like an editorial photoshoot, but for a car and it’s video. It’s more than driving footage, but that’s there. I’m searching through YouTube for these right now, but there’s no way to single out the style that I can think of, and TG doesn’t do it every time, and some are better than others.

So if you have a video that’s one of your faves and want to share it with me I’d love to see it. Thanks!