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Looking for Genuine Honda Parts™

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I need to have some work done on my Odyssey’s emissions system so it will pass inspection. My Genuine Honda Service Rep (greatest service rep in the world; no really) gave me a list of the part numbers and told me what Honda will charge for them. My Genuine Honda Mechanic™ will put parts on the car that I bring him, but only if they are Genuine Honda Parts™. My service rep said he used to have a customer who brought in real parts that he had bought “somewhere in California” for close to, if not at, dealer cost. So, I’m asking the hive if y’all know of a place I can get Genuine Honda Parts™ for cheaper.


17371-S0X-A02 • VALVE • $112,99
17012-S10-L01 • VALVE SET, SOLENOID • $183.99
17310-S84-L31 • VALVE • $107.99
36162-PGK-A02 • VALVE, PUR CONT SOL • $76.99

Thanks in advance, and please enjoy this video compilation of the Best Minivan Ever Made.™

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