I am in the process of condensing my collection of cars and motorcycles in part to amass some funds for some home renovations, all I plan on keeping is my truck and my Triumph. I know me too well though, and I will not be able to live without a vehicle to cruise around in.

I figure once everything is sold and I pay for my renovations, I should be sitting on somewhere between $15 and $20 thousand to spend on something to cruise around in. I don't need something fast (I tried the whole 500hp Mustang on city streets thing and its just not fun), and I would rather have something old and cool, so I ask 'ye OppO (that's right, I said ye), given my parameters, what vehicle may you suggest. I am not opposed to financing a small portion of the vehicle either. Basically Just something to cruise around in on the weekends, a trip through the mountains or possibly to the California coast. My current thoughts are towards a 964, or possibly a 993 if I can find one for a good price, also looking at the Alfa GTV's, Ferrari 308 (been seeing these mid 20's), or, while more modern, an early to mid 90's Viper RT/10.

So the question is, what car would you buy for a cruise around town / occasional weekend getaway, for under $30k, and nothing newer than 2000?