Looking for ideas on a clasp

A conservation officer (hi Blake!) and I spent too much time chopping through this fallen tree with my handheld axe

After using my small axe twice this year and both times lamenting how much work it was, I’ve bought a long-handled one to carry with me.

However, there’s no way I’m driving around without it being very tightly secured.


I’d like to find something mechanical (as opposed to, say, a strap), and while I was browsing my local hardware store in vain I kept comparing each option to the latch on my fire extinguisher. That seems like a design I’d feel confident in. Easy to open, easy to close, but robust in the case of an accident.

Any suggestions, for an online retailer, a specific type of clasping mechanism, or even a useful search term to help me in my quest?

Easy to use and robust: how I like my tools and my latches

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