This time in the form of couches (etc) For two people, in these places on these nights:

Jan 29th, Chicago area.

Jan 30th, Dunmore, PA

Jan 31st, Pittsburgh, PA

Feb 1st, Asheville, NC

Feb 2nd, Memphis, TN

If you can help out, please email me, gogmorgo at gmail, with general area (so I can gauge proximity to the checkpoint without you feeling as though you’re compromising your privacy) and how late is acceptable to show up (we hit a couple pit stops on the last one at 3am...), and what the parking situation would be. I do plan on providing some form of compensation, likely in the form of wobbly pops or firewater, or something more appropriate to your tastes I guess, we just don’t want to absolutely murder our wallets on hotels every night. I’m hoping to have arrangements made before I leave on the 27th, (Friday) so I won’t be calling on you late in the evening without at least a few days warning.

The objective would be to run the Rally in my Niva, however it’s currently not running (but it’s close) only I’ve got a small cold from pushing myself too hard to get it back together so I’ve been prioritizing fixing myself.  Have a picture of my backup vehicle for your time.

And heck why not, here’s the last picture I took of the Lada.


Or at least parts of it. They’re bolted in place and to the drivetrain now, but not much else is hooked up yet.