My Nokia Lumia 920 is slowly biting the dust, so I’m thinking it might be time for a new phone. I like it for the camera, and the OS really isn’t bad (Windows Phone), but there’s a few things that are driving me crazy about it:
- The power button is starting to wig out. It keeps trying to power itself off without me touching anything.
- The vibrator motor was starting to fail. I’d have to flex it in a certain way to make it work right.
- It occasionally gets hot, and needs to be rebooted (a software problem).
- There’s a few apps that I want that are available for iOS and Android that aren’t available for Windows Phone.
- Microsoft has all but admitted that Windows Phone is pretty much dead.

This leaves me with basically two options: Apple or Android. I don’t really care for Apple, as I don’t have an Apple account, iTunes account, or any other Apple device in our house. I do like their hardware, but there’s a few things about them that drive me crazy. I do like the aftermarket support, though. There’s a ton of replacement parts for when you inevitably drop your phone, and there’s tons of cases and whatnot available (so that your phone doesn’t explode when you inevitably drop it).

Android seems hit and miss. Some of the hardware seems like good value when compared to Apple. I really do like my wife’s HTC One M8. The concern I have is more about the software. My most recent experience with it wasn’t positive (trying to get a 2012 Nexus 7 onto a version of Android newer than 5.1). It seems like each vendor has their own version of Android, and they all seem to fail to update in any reasonable time frame. The Nexus series phones do seem nice, but given my experience with my dad’s Nexus tablet, it makes me leery that a Nexus phone wouldn’t get support after two years. Given that my current phone is pushing 3.5 years, I’d ideally like to keep something at least that long. There’s always the option of rooting it and putting on an AOSP version of Android, but then you lose things like Google Play support unless you’re willing to muck around with side-loading things. Maybe not the end of the world, but not really that well supported.

So, if I were to go the Android route, what phones would you folks recommend?  Ideally I’d like something durable (as it will be inevitably dropped), but not too expensive.