Looking for reassurance.

So, I figured I post on here, Just for reassurance and some understanding. I know deep down I am making the wise and logical and most benefiting in the long run but damn it, Does it Suck.

So, Past 2 years or so I have been in school pursuing my Associates Degree and my Paramedic licenses While working full time at a career dept and other side jobs. Everything was ok and I am fairly manageable with money but then in February, life happened and some "Things" happened with my employer that I can and one day will write a book about (I will divulge later if your interested)

After the "Thing" I busted ass in the time I had, Got a loan with my old pickup as collateral, Sold whatever I could in that 33 hour period before I needed the money in and posted an ad with my car. The 1986 MR2 I named Inari. (The add is right here:

I overpaid for it, Trusted a "friend" to do me right and did not check on what he said was done. Did way to much work to it and spent more time than I should, Spent plenty of time, blood and occasionally tears in that and my truck when they both left me High and dry.

But Damn it, I finally got it right, it started rewarding my efforts with driving very well, impressing the few people i'd let drive it, it was the car that introduced me to autocross. I've met and associated with good people in the world and get thumbs up from some elders and young guys and weird looks while people see what it is.

Today, I got a couple people wanting it, A Actual person I call friend and a potential buyer that flagged me down at the gas station. i am not getting my asking price out of it, I am going to have to make up the difference, but I've been in tighter binds, I can make it. I got to make it to end of this semester and then august. I know I'll get there somehow, I hope.

I know that how it always is, I know its just a car and I can find one cheaper and better base, I know I want to branch out to other rides (mk3 supra, rotarys) and I know I have plenty of time to get back into it. But that was my car, That was my wrench time I put into it and that was something I did, i've done the same to my ranger (Which is waiting for me to build up that turbo motor I got planned) But I grew up with domestics and never imports and dived off into it.

Thanks for viewing and the support, Here is a recent autocross run for your trouble.


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