What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

I currently have my computer in the living room, and hooked up to it is a 5.1 pair of Altec Lansing computer speakers that are pushing 13 years old. Unfortunately the speakers are slowly dying. There’s some sort of loose connection in the headphone jack that makes the speakers think they are plugged in (when they aren’t), so the sound cuts out. I’ve taken the unit apart before, but haven’t been able to diagnose the exact cause. I think it might be time for some new audio equipment.

I’ve got a few options:
1. Another set of computer speakers
2. A pair of bookshelf speakers and an amp.
3. A pair of powered speakers
4. Replace the existing Sony “home theatre in a box” that we have hooked up to our TV, then use that as a set of speakers for the computer/living room.

Right now I’m leaning toward option #3. Monoprice has a pair of 5" or 8" monitor speakers that could work well, and the price is quite reasonable. There’s also a few Edifier branded ones on Amazon that have reasonable reviews, and again, the price is decent. It’s not like I need anything super-loud or with a ton of bass, but I would like something that has at least equivalent volume and sound quality to what I already have.

Anyone have any thoughts/recommendations here?

(I do intend on trying to fix the loose connection in the current speakers, and then put them up in the garage. I enjoy listening to a bit of music when I’m in there woodworking or fixing stuff).


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