After getting the front tires replaced about a month ago, I am now needing to replace a rear tire after running over something and putting two holes on the corner. On top of that, the wheel has a crack about 2 inches long that goes up to the lip on the back side of the wheel where it is chipped. My luck is awful.

I looked up the price to replace a style 197 wheel and it looks like it’ll set me back about $300 at least. For reference, the car has the Sport Package, meaning the front wheels are 18x8 and the rears are 18x8.5. I honestly do not need wider rear tires as it’s a 328i and as much as I like the look of the style 197, I am ok with trying something different and getting some aftermarket wheels. So, my first question is this: Instead of just replacing that wheel, what if I just get a set of 18x8's all around? The front wheels are ET34 and the rears are ET37. So my next question is: if I do go with aftermarket wheels, do I need to get something closer to the rear ET and get spacers for the front or would buying something kinda in between be ok? This is the first time I have considered buying wheels, so any help is much appreciated!