Looking for someone who knows how to create an app (unrelated to cars)

If you know how to make an app and are willing to sign a legal contract stipulating that you're fine with receiving half of the profit under all intents and purposes for said app so long as you deem it viable enough to move forward with it (and not back out of it), and that you will in no way shape or form utilize any information I personally relay with you before or after you make said decision with anyone else for monetary gain under penalty of illegal conduct, I will guarantee you that you will become rich so fast your head will spin.

I need someone to help put my idea into place. Make it happen, and I split all profits 50/50, since I'm no good at coding or development.

If you think you know someone who might be interested, or are interested yourself, you can email me here. Once I find a developer and who I trust enough to share the information with, inside Canada or the USA that I can communicate solidly with and doesn't mind signing a stipulated legally binding contract, I will be deleting this post.


I'll also personally find a way to sweeten the deal for you if you are not a coder/developer but know someone who is that would be willing to help.


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