This might sound and be totally dumb, but here it goes: help me broadcast the Le Mans 24 Hours daily through a whole month and minute-by-minute through the race.

I am a semi-professional freelance (eventually motoring) journalist, seeking employment in the field once again. I am also a fan of the Le Mans 24 Hours.

To entertain you and to seek a living, I decided to go on an article-a-day marathon concerning the 24 Hours of Le Mans and a full, live Twitter update through the whole race.

Here's how you can help a man looking for professional attention and potentially a job:

  1. Click on my name and browse through my earlier posts, see if I'm worthy enough
  2. Leave a comment here and/or click the star if you like what you read, or even share it on social network sites
  3. On demand (I'm not that optimistic, but who knows) I can leave my account number here (and in later posts) if you want to throw a few pennies for energy drinks to keep me going
  4. If you work in the publishing industry, show my blog to one of your colleagues. If you know someone in the publishing industry, same thing
  5. By any means, leave some feedback here on what you liked and what you didn't, what would you like to read about, etc. - point out especially which posts you liked the most and which you didn't


As a starter, I leave a small tidbit here on Senna and his Porsche 956 drive.

Thank you for your attention, I am looking forward to your feedback.

Image is of Creative Commons licence

Disclaimer: No, I'm not going to be at Le Mans. Nevertheless I'm going to tweet about it the whole way through. But do follow the "Daily Le Mans" meta for a build-up until the race.