Since I spent all my mad-money on a practical tractor and attactchments instead of a Traction Avant, I’m looking to at least make it an interesting project tractor...

I have mentioned this before, but I really think I want to turbo-charge it.

29HP, 1.5l, 3cyl, 12-valve, OHV, mechanical-injected Shibuara diesel.

it’s pretty tightly packaged in there...

I’m looking to keep boost at 5-7PSI max (factory compression ratio is 23:1, and I want reliability to still figure heavily into this build), and for it to be fully spun up at 2200 RPM. I have the shop manual for the injection pump, and unlike many, it can be adjusted without disassembly!

I have forum proof that a Saab 2.3t turbo can provide 5 pounds of boost from this engine, and that it dynos at over 45 PTO horsepower with that arrangement, however it required 2800 RPM to reach that boost and power level. 540RPM on the PTO with the stock gears happens at 2300 RPM, so I’d love to be making ~5PSI at 2200-2400 RPM, rather than having to wind it out to 2800 (haha, diesels...) to spin up that boost...

Saab 2.3t fitted to Ford/Shibaura 1720. Note relocated air cleaner.


Forum Guy has been running that power and boost for several years, nearly 1500 hours, without issue, but he doesn’t run any implements that are picky about input RPM, I’m hoping to run a baler, and they like to run pretty close to spec, or Bad Things can happen.

that little 1.5l 3cyl is practically dwarfed but the giant Saab turbo... (there *IS* room in front of the radiator between the battery, intercooler?)

Those of you with turbo knowlege: any suggestions for a donor turbo?

I’d love to cobble in a tiny intercooler too... was thinking 500-Abarth OEM intercooler from someone who swapped to a single-front-mount.


eBay image of a $50 500 Abarth intercooler...

Then it could get ST badges and all my Ford products would match ;)