My parents always complain about their old car, a 2000-ish Peugeot Partner, which is an alright car, albeit slow and not particularly comfortable.

I know they won’t change until they have to, because “it works”. The truth is, they never treat themselves, the only car they spent more than 8000€ on was a previous Peugeot Partner they leased new, and sold a couple of years after the lease was finished.

For several reasons (dog, shop, helping my parents) I don’t plan to move anytime soon, I have a small but perfect apartment in the former barn behind my parents house. This also allows me to park my cars around and block the workshop completely. Since I spend my free time getting on their nerves with my car projects, I should give back for once, in the best way I can: with a car.

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now, and I think now is the time. They are going to spend a week in Scotland (by the way, if you have any good scotch suggestion they can bring me), and it would be perfect if I could replace their car in that time. I already asked to get the week free, so I can watch the house and so my dog doesn’t feel too lonely, so I have some time to spend on car-shopping.

The car needs to be high enough so my dad can get in and out without an issue (he’s tall and not very flexible, he had some trouble getting into my A4), it must be able to pull a trailer, offer basic comfort, be reliable (of course), and preferably a diesel. So it’s kinda limiting things to SUVs.


After checking what was available in the area, I put together a little sheet with their data:

My favorite is the Forester, but I read that the diesel engines from the first 4 production years had a lot of issues. The CRV is nice, and my sister has one from the previous generation, but with the same engine. This might be a candidate. Then there is the X-Trail, although these tend to be a bit more expensive, and use more fuel. Too much choice makes this more difficult than I thought.


Do you have any input on those? Would suggest something completely different? Budget I plan is around 8-12.000€