looking to buy a RC car for Owen Jr. anybody have any advice? here is the BG:

1. He's 4. Yes, i understand the limits of a 4 year old to control an RC car, but it's what he wants and that's what i'm getting him. i tried to talk him into a RC tank (single button for Go, wheel to turn), but he wouldn't have it. he has a little tethered "RC" car that he got when he was really small, but the cord is so short, he can barely stand up straight and use it at the same time.

2. it's been a while since i drove my Tamiya Falcon, so that's where i am in terms of understanding the current RC world

3. i want something that will drive on our bumpy-ass driveway and a well-trimmed lawn. so that rules out all the Supermarket Special RC "trucks" (unless supermarket specials have improved since i was a kid)

4. i see some have features like Electronic Speed Control. How dramatic is it? it would be great for really slow speeds at first. or for when he's in the house.

5. I prefer to spend less than $100 with everything included.

That said:


looks like something he'd like. It's the size of my Falcon and it comes with all the batteries and the radio. so it's a better deal than the japanese brands and cheaper and less 'performance' minded than something like a traxxus. if i had my druthers, i'd just buy myself a new Tamiya AWD belt drive chassis and have him watch me drive it. but i think that's a hard sell for Mrs. Magnetic.