Promise the welds look better in real life ;) went for the ‘make sure it’s stuck’ school of welding rather than ‘make it pretty’.

Started with the little jig i made earlier:

Cut some tubes :)

Should rephrase that. Spent half a day cutting tubes because cutting tubes is hard.


Made some little jig pieces to copy the cuts i need so i can make more of them of i need to :)

First two tacked in place:


And the rest welded together :)

I found that the heat put into it from welding warped the inboard end enough to pull it out of alignment, so for the second wishbone i used a clamp which has worked much better :)


All-in they weigh 2.1kg per side which is really not bad :) for reference, the stock rotoflex wishbone and radius arm weigh 3.4kg. Although my earlier design with basically two radius arms was a little lighter at 1.3kg, the new setup will provide much better location and a better camber curve.


Another difference is the adjustability for camber on these isn’t quite as fine. Because the threads are fixed, the adjustment is done in half-turns of the rose joints. For 1/2" UNF thread it’s 0.39mm per half-rotation, which equates to 0.13 degrees of camber change per half-turn which is plenty fine enough :) still have to work out toe change per rotation as that involves trig and i’ve forgotten all that by now...

Now i just need to work out something to get the brackets on the car in the right place...