Looks like a couple Youtuber's were ok with paying over sticker for a '20 Supra

I generally don’t watch many vloggers on Youtube as I find the majority of them to be annoying as hell. I also find the number of views they amass in such a short time period suspicious at times. But that’s a discussion for another time…

For whatever reason I was browsing videos of the new 2020 Supra on Youtube and a couple piqued my interested enough to watch them. From what I gather for popularity of course, some people were willing to go to some lengths to be able to be the first one with the car. And over pay for them in the process.


The first guy I found and ended up watching 2 of his videos, the initial pickup of the Supra and the second vehicle where he states he overpaid, is Youtuber TheStrandman:

He bought his from Sunrise Toyota in New York and proceeded, or as of this writing is proceeding to drive it all the way back home to Utah with a couple stops here and there. Brand new sports car and hes going to put over 3 thousand mils on it already.

He showed the window sticker in the first video of him picking up the car and it was just under $58k. He states (fast forward to 9:47 for him to finally mention it) he paid $10k over sticker so figure $67k give or take. And apparently he paid cash as he mentioned he wired the money before he arrived. Must be nice. But still, dumb. This guy has a few other cars and from what I’ve seen and he briefly mentioned how much he pays for them in a video he did a few days ago (he only really mentioned the financial situation with his cars though as a plug for Experian). He has an Aventador he got this past November. He paid $240k for it with $153 down and financed the rest. He said his payments are $1400/month. He has a Focus RS he got a few weeks ago he paid cash for. Lastly he has a Gallardo he paid off 2 years ago for a total of $110k. And he Just recently got a Gladiator Rubicon. Sticker on it was just over $62k. He traded in his last gen Wrangler for it that they gave him $24k for and financed the rest. He said his payments are $535/month. But anyway.

The comment section was interesting. Some people, like this comment, seemed to think that it was ok for him to have overpaid because the money he makes off Youtube will make up for the markup:


I don’t know what kind of math that is but I didn’t learn that in school.

Another comment seemed to see through TheStrandman’s bullshit and didn’t think he thinks that he made a good decision paying over sticker:


This isn’t even the most over sticker though. It gets better. Scrolling through the comments on TheStrandMan’s video, I see another comment mentioning that $10k over sticker wasn’t bad, and that another Vlogger by the name of Omi paid nearly $100k for his Supra. So I searched and found his channel. He goes by the name of Omi in a Hellcat (more on him coming soon). He seemed to be a little less thrilled about how he got got by the dealer and it shows when hes talking about it(fast forward to 10:29 for him to start in on how much he overpaid. He talks about it again at 15:53 and its almost the rest of the video):

He says something along the lines of manufactures need to talk to dealers to keep this from happening. Simply put, the dealer he went to had the Supra marked up to $87,400. After taxes and fees OTD price was $94,600. I think this guy is really mad about it because he mentions it multiple times about how much he paid. I think that’s the worst markup I’ve seen. And because of this, and reading the comments in the video that Omi himself liked, it seems like he has buyers remorse and might not be keeping the Supra long.


This is just a couple people I’ve seen to add to the growing list of dealers that have been marking Supra’s up for people like them to bite just because its the new hotness. And because of this, dealers will keep doing this to other people. 

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