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Looks like Cadillac's twin turbo V8 wont be wasted after all

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After learning about the death of the CT6 along with the slew of other GM models, we were all wondering what was going to happen to the in house developed twin turbo 4.2 L V8. Developed specifically for the CT6-V it looked to bring some serious cred and performance back to Cadillac. Putting out 550 horses and 627 lb/ft of torque, this thing is a monster. But the killing of the CT6 meant that very few people would ever get to experience it. That looks to not be the case (thank god).


Cnet’s auto section, Roadshow has a report from a Cadillac rep that spoke to them, that said the engine is going to end up in the Escalade and next gen CTS-V replacement (CT5). With that replacement coming next year in what is to be a surely lighter sedan, this thing could put down some serious performance numbers. They are expecting a power bump due to the 4.2 not quite matching the power output of the current CTS-v. It ending up in the Escalade has me scratching my head though and would likely see it in a next gen, whenever that is. They are also speculating that due to the 4.2 being built at the Corvette’s Bowling Green plant, that the engine could see duty in the Vette (and maybe that mystery Cadillac we keep seeing the key for) as well. What do you guys think about this?

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