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It’s the end time so I might as well doxx myself. I work at a Mopar parts distribution center. 20 plus years uaw scmuck, never been laid off. So now now I gota decide to stay home week by week or chance it and go in. I hate to let down my team but as someone who is 50 plus and not exactly living healthy. A few weeks off might be a good idea, plus it's my wife's birthday Tuesday. I just want to make sure theirs something to return to. My wife’s a teacher here in Michigan and with the state not counting online instruction her job is in chaos too.


Just thinking out loud here waiting for a call from HR. Stay safe out there oppo.

I guess now is not the time to brag about that 4 week driving trip thru Germany and Austria starting July 13th. Oh well it seems pretty minor issue now.

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