4-5 inches of snow. I love how the vents stay visible
4-5 inches of snow. I love how the vents stay visible
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Don’t get me wrong, I cleared my car, dropped the top and headed to the main vehicle terminal 6 miles away. I was ready to work, and probably would have enjoyed it.


The drive was the most fun I’ve had in the Miata in months. These three year old winter tires are definitely not suitable for mountain shenanigans anymore, but they do a *decent* job getting around town.

When I arrived at work I asked management what they had done in preparation for snow and ice. Our work area is 30+ miles away in one of the cities that got hit the hardest. It’s hilly and full of winding roads that won’t ever see a plow.

The response?

“nothing. There’s not really any way to prepare.”

Oh. I distinctly remember swapping snow tires on, double-checking chains, buying bags of sand, rerouting to avoid side streets, and many other “ways to prepare” in my previous fleet-based lines of work as employee, manager and owner.


“yes but, *redacted* can’t do that”

No? USPS does it everytime there is inclement weather.

“yes but it’s too expensive”

It’s a cost of doing business. You know what’s really expensive? Replacing damaged trucks. Dealing with the lost work from said damaged trucks. Seeing insurance premiums rise due to a plethora of accidents. Losing employees due to injuries suffered on the job when the ill-maintained tin cans they drive sans seat belt inevitably slide into the middle of an icy intersection and get t-boned.


“it’s too expensive”

I’m not mad... More like disgusted. Or ashamed on someone else’s behalf? I can’t imagine I’ll be here much longer, as I’ve been quick to talk out against a management team that seems unwilling to put in place systems to optimize efficiency and safety. I love my clients, and some of the fellow drivers are GREAT people, but good God, situations like this really drive home some of the large underlying issues with this company.


We WERE all given the option to go home.

“I can’t force you to work in these conditions” was the company line. Translated that means “you can leave but the choice will be 100% on you and we take no responsibility. We’ll just tell all of your clients you decided not to come in even though we desperately needed you (and leave out the bits about gross negligence in terms of preparation on our part....)”


Myself and one other employee left. The others stayed which I certainly don’t fault them for. Some of them drive hours to work in *normal* circumstances, I can’t imagine the commute today. wish them the best on the road, and dearly hope they don’t take unnecessary risks for a few bucks. I'm certainly no pro, but I like to think that the time I've spent pushing the Miata to the limits in the snow has made me at least above average in snow driving around here. I can't imagine driving a 40 foot truck with poor visibility, bad tires and almost no weight in the back... 

As always, if you’re out driving and you see a delivery vehicle, stay as far away as possible.


Okay, rant over.

I guess I’ve got no excuse not to go to the gym now, and don’t worry. I’ll get in some Miata shenanigans later. Thank you nkato for the weather updates, it’s nice to have some eyes on the ground!

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