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Looks like I have to get rid of the Jurassic Park Bug. :'(

So, the car has been on my buddies property for a long time while we build it. (I'm 19) I don't have anywhere to put it and he lived with his Grandma and she was fine with the car being there. Well, she died on December 21st and her son is taking over the house and he wants it gone the day he gets on the property, which is the 28th, meaning I have seven days to get rid of it, my parents wont let me bring it home unless its running and street legal, which I REALLY doubt I'll be able to do. So it looks like this is the temporary end of the Jurassic Park Baja idea. If I pull something out of my ass and manage to keep it I'll let you know. But this does put me in a position to buy a new car, and I've been looking at a Volvo Wagon (RWD, Manual) for a long time. I've like them since i was two or three, and if I hafta get rid of the dangerbug, I'm gettin either one of those, another bug or a Toyota/Nissan half-ton. Lemme know what you can get for $2,000 or less in the comments? And if your interested in buying a VW Bug project in Phoenix Arizona I happen to have one that I have to get rid of.


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