Looks Like I Picked The RIGHT Week To Quit Huffing Glue

But seriously, over the summer I probably drink too much. It’s just all that Fun in the Sun (TM) and time at the lake, not to mention very late sunsets, warm nights, cool nights, rainy nights, ok I don’t really need an excuse to enjoy an adult beverage. It’s good I have a wife, kids, and job to keep myself in check because let’s just say I didn’t always have that check, and had some friends who have been to rehab, or probably should have been. Not great influences, though I’ve never been to a point that I felt was dangerous or terribly unhealthy. I’m not overweight and never have been, and it’s never EVER reached a level where I caused any sort of harm or trouble (legal or otherwise) to anyone including myself.

ALL THAT SAID, I could cut back, and it would be good for me. So here we are, it’s August 20th and my son’s 7th birthday is Friday. My daughter’s birthday is 2 weeks later. Work is very busy; I’m covering for someone who’s out on medical leave and I don’t really know how to do his job. I have tons of personal and professional commitments in the coming weeks, we’re doing work at our house, I’m trying to help my sister buy a car and sell a tractor, both kids are starting school, our anniversary is coming up, kids will have soccer soon, and so on. You know, normal life stuff - I know I’m not special.


But there’s no better time to be as healthy and clear of mind as possible, so I’m taking this opportunity to clean up a little. I’ve said this to myself but putting it in writing is different. I’m making a concerted effort to cut back. No beer on weeknights. Nothing before kids are in bed on Fridays. Weekends, I’ll take one at a time. Last Sunday we were on the lake all afternoon and I had a few beers. If we were home I wouldn’t have. I’m ok with that, and my wife is in the same boat, no pun intended.

Part of the reason I’m on this path is that I know my kids are watching what I do and internalizing it all, whether I like it or not. It’s never too early to set a good example, in whatever way I can. The fact that they’re 5 and 7 and have never to this day spoken a 4-letter word (to my knowledge), and they love vegetables and generally have good manners, and they’re confident, happy, healthy people, means we’re doing a lot right. But one can always do more.

So here’s to being (more) sober... even if it’s not a complete conversion. I’m confident I will find a good balance. I’d consider quitting altogether but don’t feel it’s necessary at this time. Like, I shouldn’t eat Cape Cod chips every day, either, but don’t take them from my life. Or coffee. Don’t you dare come for my coffee.

Singer for your time. Because I bet if I added up every single penny I ever spent on alcohol over the last 18 years... nah I still couldn’t afford one.


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