The two lots next door have been an overgrown field for the past year, filled with big beautiful trees, and the cats in the area, including ours, have loved poking around it in the grass twice their height. I guess the property owners are finally going ahead with their development that has been stagnant since tearing the old house down last year.

Wondering where his field went
Wondering where his field went

They’re building a 4-plex I believe, or maybe it’s 6 units, I can’t remember. They tore down all the trees a couple days ago, and then dug up the rest of it yesterday. This morning they’re grinding away the stumps, and starting to dig. They also tore the fence down, so between the loss of the trees and bushes, and that fence, our yard and side windows feel very exposed. It’s much brighter in here at night, and noisy as hell in the morning. Yay.

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