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Looks like Lancia isn't dead yet.

Unfortunately, I can’t upload the image directly here, but on, I found this: the 2016 Lancia Ypsilon.

So, they’re not killing off Lancia yet.

But then, there’s more...

‘There will be a preview of the New Ypsilon at the 2015 International Salon in Frankfurt, and sales will begin in September 2015 on the main European markets.’


It looks like, unlike previously thought, FCA isn’t gonna be keeping the Lancia brand as Italy-exclusive. Otherwise, there would have been a Chrysler version shown for other markets.

Of course, this will probably still be sold as a Chrysler in markets like the UK and Japan, where the current version of the Ypsilon is sold as.


But as the pres release says, it looks like the future might be at least a little brighter for Lancia than previously thought.

Perhaps Lancia will be where all the FWD models that otherwise would’ve been Alfa Romeos will go once they’re fully switched to RWD and RWD-based cars only?


Maybe a return to form for AR will also mean the revival of Lancia?

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