Looks Like My Next Car Will Be a Convertible

Whelp, since everything will be paid off in another 16 months and Im still just over 5 years out from buying a home I have decided to go for my convertible plan. This would be in 2020 or later so here are the three choices:

*If the XF or Grand Cherokee go then Id need to scratch these for a Stinger or the upcoming CT5.


The F-Type would be very easy to live with and maintain. All the new Jaguars coming out after 2012 were moved down market considerably. Though sad to see that means a huge jump in ease of ownership.

I favor the shortlived V8 S Convertible. They’ll be under $35,000 as soon as next year so I can plan $30,000 for 2020.

The choices for convertibles that can seat four adults is pretty tiny and that’s where these are a huge value. Being able to drive three other adults, top down, downtown in a naturally aspirated Ferrari V8 with the theatre and timeless design of a historic Maserati for under $45,000 is definitely a compelling experience. Every outing would be an event and those events would be well documented through photographic archives and exaggerated stories of mythical adventures no matter how mundane the actual quest was.


I would need a car built as late as possible — definitely after the refresh — less for the design update and more for the touch ups Maserati always does yearly to address ownership issues. Ill also need to find a shop out here and do a lot of research and prep for upkeep.


The third choice would be a Vantage if I decide that I want a manual convertible. Again, I would need to do a lot of research on caring for these and find a place that can help me out. I mean that as in I prefer every vehicle I own to be kept in a condition in which I could make an 8 hour drive without any hesitation, doubts, and without a day of prep.

Those will be the options and it will all depend on which one fits my needs and my specifications at the time. I only plan to place 2,500 miles a year on any of them and it’s all about early morning and late night driving.


*Hey, I found a picture of my old Kia Rio with the spray painted bumper. Incredibly embarrassing...but Im a transparent person so is that something you all would want to see?

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