Looks like Toyota took "Grounded to the Ground" too literally

Tried the rear seat in the new Camry and I can’t believe how low it is. This is what happens when you take a meme too seriously I guess. They have managed to increase interior volume, yes but at the cost of ground clearance and head room for rear passengers. The Camry has lost an inch off both the roofline and ground clearance.

And not just the Camry, even the 2018 Accord was more uncomfortable getting in and out compared to the previous versions and I think it would turn off many older buyers. This Longer, lower, wider philosophy combined with rakish roofs has been affecting all midsize sedans.


My theory is that since everyone is buying Crossovers for better space, ride height and ease of ingress/egress anyway, manufacturers went full “sporty” on midsize sedans.

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