Every time I find one nearby, it is still the same percentage of my net worth. Which means in 60 years, these will probably be ~$500,000.


This one is a RWD Manual in Black. Not my ideal configuration, but hey it isn’t 1600 miles away. 101,000 miles is also quite low for one of these.

The interior looks quite good for its age. Some faded door panels and probably dash, but no cracks, tears, or anything that needs to be fixed to make it work.

mmmm so 80s


The exterior needs a bit of help. I noticed that the running boards don’t match, whatever that might mean. The rockers are rusty and there are some rust holes in the cab right behind the doors. With that, who knows what the under-pinnings looks like.


The paint looks decent. Used, but no massive rust spots or scratches. It could be redone if I were to decide to make it showroom quality. The decals on the other hands are peeling quite badly, but there is no point redoing them unless I redo the paint also. The top needs to be addressed immediately. Especially because I have no interior place to store it. I cannot have the top leaking and ruin the decent interior. That would have to be priority #1.

Overall it is not in bad shape. Barring any mechanical issue, most of the stuff is cosmetic/restoring things. Finding one of these with near 100k miles is farily difficult. However, $4800 cannot quite be allocated to the disposable income department yet. Thankfully the fact that this is missing the 4WD lever makes resisting a bit easier. If the first number were a 3, or a 2, then I might have a crisis.