It’s not a big upgrade, but a 10% range upgrade through increased battery capacity for almost all models (all except the S/DS ZF13.0), power/torque delivery enhancements to 7.2 kWh and 13.0 kWh bikes, and a 6 kW optional Charge Tank (instead of the old 2.5 kW one) for the S/SR/DS/DSR are not upgrades to sneeze at.

This now means that the longest-range Zero model, the SR ZF14.4 with optional Power Tank (now 3.6 kWh, instead of the 3.3 kWh of previous years), has a city range of 223 miles (up from 202), and a 70 MPH highway range of 112 miles (up from 101).

And, per their press release, looks like the only price increases were $500 to the SR and DSR, $300 to the optional Charge Tank, and $200 to the optional Power Tank for the S/DS ZF13.0 and the SR/DSR.

(Still too rich for my blood, but nice upgrades nonetheless.)