Looky look at what the postman dropped off!

TWO new door handles! No junkyard parts! Seems a bit fancy for my car. The keys don’t match any other lock on the car, nor do they match each other, but the door with the broken lock already has a key that doesn’t match anything else. I’m not going to swap the lock cylinders around either. Only thing you have to do it take out a torx screw,


Then out with the old...

And in with the new.


Pop the screw back in and it’s good to go.


It’s seated a little funny on the door, but I think it’ll break in. I’m going to pull the door card off just to make sure everything’s seated properly internally and get a few more old lock parts that fell off inside, but it should be good to go for a while now. I like having an easy victory over this car’s weirdness. Plus, now I have a matched lock and key I can probably put on the hatch so I can open that without having to go into the car.

Handles were from 1A Auto, who also had this very easy to follow video. Total time from opening the box to posting this was about 45 minutes.

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